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Thought vegans were all weedy and pale from lack of animal protein? Myriad athletes are defying that myth, including ultra marathon runners, Ironman champions, MMA fighters, UFC Fighters, boxers, weightlifters, NFL footballers, Venus & Serena Williams, Champion female surfer Tia Blanco, Carl Lewis, Scott Durek, Peter Siddle, Greg Chappell, freerunning ninja Timothy Shieff & countless athletes allover the world excelling as sporting professionals. Read more about famous vegan athletes here: famous vegetarian and vegan athletes.

So how much protein do you really need?

You don’t need as much protein as most people think, and it’s easy to get what you do need from beans, nuts, seeds, grains, soy, and even greens. Somehow, everyone got the idea that we need exorbitant amounts of protein, way more than is even recommended. World Health Organization states humans need 5% of intake to be protein. A broad symphony of fruits & vegetables equates to 10% intake, while gaining the advantage of not taking in deadly animal cholesterol and saturated fats.

W.H.O States ‘Meat Linked to Cancer’

The World Health Organization has recently confirmed that processed meat does in fact cause cancer and many news outlets including the BBC have reported on their recent declaration. But is Processed meat all we need to worry about? YouTuber, Vegan Gains, lists all his findings and references. (language warning)

“You don’t have to take a life to gain muscle”
NFL lineman, David Carter, ‘The 300 Pound Vegan’

Many pro athletes allover the world are now choosing vegan. Be assured you can make extra gains and thrive by choosing a plant based lifestyle. Read more: here

Famous Vegan Athletes

NFL lineman, David Carter

Defensive lineman David Carter was a meat-eating, milk-guzzling, BBQ-loving football player. About the furthest from vegan you could find. Then he saw a documentary and everything changed. Hear David talk about his conversion and the impact it’s had on his health, athletic performance, and conscience. He has some very powerful words to share.

Germany’s Strongest Man, Patrik Baboumian

Two years after going vegan, Germany’s Strongest Man, Patrik Baboumian, demonstrated that a plant-based diet had not diminished his phenomenal strength or physical performance. In fall of 2013, Baboumian set a world record for heaviest weight carried a distance of 10 meters, shouldering a yoke weighing more than 1200 pounds (550 kg). Baboumian said, “It’s a bit stupid to do things like that, it really hurts,” but added that he wants to disprove the myth that anyone, including athletes and strength performers, needs animal products to excel.

While there’s lots of impressive footage of Baboumian’s feats of physical fortitude, we were most inspired by this video in which he meditates on a far more important kind of strength. “Strength must build up, not destroy. It should outdo itself, not others who are weaker. Used without responsibility, it causes nothing but harm and death. I can lift the heaviest weights, but I can not take the responsibility off my shoulders. Because the way we use our strength defines our fate. What traces will I leave on my path into the future? Do we really have to kill in order to live? My true strength lies in not seeing weakness as weakness. My strength needs no victims. My strength is my compassion.” – Patrik Baboumian

Patrik Baboumian: from vegetarian to vegan

Patrik Baboumian became a vegetarian in 2005 after realizing that eating animals was inconsistent with his values. “One day, I just thought, if you see a bird with a broken leg, you really have the urge to do something about it and help the bird. Then, at the same time, you go to a restaurant and eat a chicken or something. It doesn’t make any sense.”
A few years later, after learning  about the cruelty inherent in all egg and dairy production, Baboumian went vegan, stating: “I just realized that if it’s really compassion that drives you, maybe it’s not enough just to stop eating animals, but you maybe should boycott the whole animal industry, because … it’s not what you as a compassionate being would want. So actually you should go one step further and become vegan.”

Parkour world champion, Tim “Livewire” Shieff

American Ninja Warrior veteran and parkour world champion Tim “Livewire” Shieff shares his approach to dominating the show’s challenging obstacles and the role veganism has played in his fitness and life. Get an insider perspective from a true ninja warrior!

Frank Medrano

Frank Medrano is a callisthenics bodyweight expert who motivates and trains to build and gain muscle , lose fat and challenge your body to obtain strength through simple and more advanced body weight exercises. Frank admits it wasn’t a completely effortless transition from an omnivorous diet to plant-based. “The hard part was in my head,” he said. “My head was telling me I was missing something, but I wasn’t.” Through trial and error, Frank discovered his new favorite foods, and within 2-4 weeks, he was on track and feeling great. Frank Medrano: Powered by Plants.

“Let’s step out of our comfort zone and challenge the status quo. We can live life to our fullest and change the WORLD with each vegan meal, so pledge with me to go vegan” –
Torre Washington, Pro Competitive Bodybuilder

It’s a common belief that vegans can’t build muscle because they lack protein and other nutrients that are only found in meat. So how does a vegan strong man compete against his meat eating peers?

Building the Healthiest Muscles

Vegan Gains on the bodybuilding industry: “They actually don’t know that they have eating disorders and these people are driving these crazy starvation diets, and they’re taking steroids, not telling people. Bodybuilders have these massive arms, huge shoulders and they’re injecting Synthol, and it’s all fake. Everything is fake and people think it’s real, and they’re just going after this stupid ideal body image, and just really ruining their entire freakin’ lives. They really need to be called out. People say I’m harsh but they’re literally ruining lives. They’re shortening their lives just from all the meat and crap they’re eating but just from a mental health [perspective], and just general all around quality of life, it’s just terrible. The industry wants to sell supplements. I think people should just focus on health and if you want to be athletic, and go after some real athletic goals, then you shouldn’t really be focusing on these bodybuilders because they’re not really athletic. They’re really out of shape, really.”


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