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Having heard from professionals linking animal consumption to cancer and heart disease, and also heard from cancer survivors adopting vegan diets and lifestyles, you may be questioning whether our bodies are designed to eat animal products.

Traits Of Humans Versus Carnivores

The following video looks at traits of humans vs carnivores, at tongues, births, mammary glands, sleep, perspiration, drinking, jaw movements, dental formula, claws, PH diet, intestinal length, tolerance for fat, microbial tolerance, natural appetite and uricase(an enzyme that catalyzes the conversion of uric acid to allantoin).

“Our anatomy, physiology, biochemistry and psychology all indicate that we are not carnivores.”
Dr. Douglas graham

Health Impact Of Humans Behaving as Carnivores

Dr Michael Klaper explains why eating meat is not natural for humans. In this presentation, he links diet to human disease, giving the viewer an insight into atherosclerosis, with his experience overlooking the surgery on the everyday human victims of animal consumption.

“The human body has absolutely no nutritional requirements for animal flesh”
Dr Michael Klaper

Ever wonder why meat tastes so good? Our great ape and early human ancestors had plant based diets so what makes meat so appealing? YouTuber Vegan Gains shares his thoughts, with a list of resources to consolidate his findings. (language warning)

Our position is very consistent among vegans. When we can live long, happy and healthy lives without harming others, then why don’t we ?


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