Here at SavePoppy we inform and educate, while also supporting activism and Direct Action Everywhere (DxE).

From Vegan to Activist

“Veganism is about what we use and don`t use, what we buy and don’t buy. Veganism is non-participation in violence. We must actively intervene to stop violence. Non-violence is just not participating in violence, but actively intervening to try and stop it. We ask everyone to take action for animals because veganism is not the moral baseline, activism is the moral baseline.” – Wayne Hsiung

‘Why veganism is not enough’ by Direct Action Everywhere.

Becoming a Voice for Animals

For crucial advice on becoming an activist, and becoming a voice for the suffering animals, please view the following:

‘How To Find Strength For Activism | My Top 5 Tips’ by Youtuber Bite Size Vegan

The following video shows a very simple, easy and effective way to spread your message, instead of waiting and hoping that they will watch it, you are bringing the video to them! It works best if you don’t talk to the people you are sharing the videos with and just appear anonymous as it lets the footage speak for itself and allows others to make their own unique judgment. We want to encourage other activists to use this powerful method to spread information and open minds wherever you may be.
Contact us at if you would like tips to beginning this activism strategy. The animals need you & thank you. If worrying about publicly showing cruelty on a computer, or your own ability to carry out this stunt, a simple alternative is wear a white mask to attract attention & put the focus on your message, while holding a sign up high with a clear message, eg “ if you dare.” Many will take a photo of your sign for later viewing, or immediately begin watching on their phones, simply out of curiosity.

The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything. – Albert Einstein

Sydney animal rights activists set up a table with laptops in the middle of the CBD. Their signs invited the public to be paid $2 or receive a cupcake. All they had to do was watch footage of what animals are forced to endure in the agriculture industry. Contact us at if you would like tips to beginning this activism. The animals need you & thank you.

On Saturday June 14th, 2014, people in major cities all over the world joined hands to protest animal abuse. Momentum is building. Be on the right side of history.

To be involved in future major events such as this one, simply email, where we will inform you of activism events. You will meet many deeply caring souls in person, who have joined the fight to free the suffering animals. Our fight. Refer as many vegans and non-vegans as possible to these educational films, talks, studies and documentaries on this website, as well as the `Save Poppy & Friends` Facebook page. You`ll also find memes on `Save Poppy & Friends` Facebook page, which we encourage vegans to share as much as possible, to promote the cruelty facts & to bring people to this educational site. Together we can create a kinder world.


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